Levulan PDT Treatment

olderwomen1Tired of going to the dermatologist for painful freezing of precancers, and then leaving with blisters all over? We offer a great alternative…

Levulan is an effective in-office treatment for actinic keratoses (or precancers) face, scalp, chest, arms and legs.

The benefits of Levulan PDT treatment are:

  • Recovery begins right after your treatment
  • Levulan PDT treatment targets and destroys only the damaged or precancerous cells and even some early cancers
  • The entire area is treated so that non-visible lesions are also treated
  • The majority of patients treated felt they had good to excellent results, and many patients experience high clearance for up to 1 year
  • Little downtime and no reports of scarring to date
  • Typically, 2 treatments are required, one month apart
  • Treatment is reimbursed by most insurance companies

How does Levulan PDT work?

When Levulan Solution is applied to the affected areas, it is absorbed by the damaged cells and makes the cells extremely sensitive to light. When the skin is exposed to the blue light, this light causes reactions which destroy the bad cells.

Step 1: Application of the Levulan Kerastick Topical Solution

This is done in the office. The Levulan is left on1-12 hours, and this will depend on the area being treated

Step 2: BLU-U Treatment

After the Levulan has been on your skin long enough, you will sit under the blue light for 18-20 min. The tech will coat you in sunscreen and review your instructions before you leave. You must avoid ALL sunlight for 48 hours, so plan to stay home.

Who should NOT use Levulan?

  • Patients who have cutaneous photosensitivity, porphyria, or known allergies to porphyrins or any of the components of the Levulan Solution.

Treatment precautions:

  • Levulan has not been tested on patients with inherited or acquired coagulation defects.
  • It is possible that use of other medications might increase the reaction, so please tell us if you are taking any oral medications or using any topical prescription or non-prescription products on your face or scalp.
  • Tell us if you are pregnant or nursing.